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COVID 19 Coronavirus Update All Campuses

Published: Monday March 16, 2020

Indie School will continue to run classes as per normal. The advice received is that with low infection and spread amongst children: schools, TAFEs and universities are still encouraged to run day to day activities.


Excursions, camps, assemblies or activities involving large numbers of students, will be cancelled.


Current School policies requests that unwell students are to remain at home whilst unwell so that the student can recover as quickly as possible; also, so that the illness will not spread through the schooling community. If your child presents unwell at School, you will be contacted to pick up your child as quickly as possible.


Please encourage your child and family members to follow hygienic practices to help stop the spread of any illness in the community.


Please contact your family doctor if you/your child/family member, may be experiencing symptoms of the virus (sore throat, fever, aches etc.)


If your child has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please contact the school immediately.


Kind regards,


David Pickett

Executive Principal

Indie School

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